Module trial.interfaces

A module containing the interfaces used for extending the test runner


toJsonString(throwable) Convert a Throwable to a json string


IAttachmentListener A Listener for handling attachments
ILifecycleListener A Listener for the main test events
IStepLifecycleListener A Listener for the step events
ISuiteLifecycleListener A Listener for the suite events
ITestCaseLifecycleListener A Listener for the test case events
ITestDescribe A listener that provides test cases contained in a certain file
ITestDiscovery A listener that provides test cases to be executed
ITestExecutor A Listener that can run tests. During the test execution can be used only one instance of this listance. After all the tests were executed the result of all three methods are concatenated and passed to ILifecycleListener.end(SuiteResult[])


LifeCycleListeners The lifecycle listeners collections. You must use this instance in order to extend the runner. You can have as many listeners as you want. The only restriction is for ITestExecutor, which has no sense to have more than one instance for a run
PendingTestException An exception that should be thrown by the pending test cases
StepResult A step result
TestResult A test result


Attachment A struct representing an attachment for test steps
Feature Attribute that sets the feaure label
Flaky Attribute that marks the test as flaky. Different reporters will interpret this information in different ways.
Issue Attribute that links an issue to a test. Some test reporters can display links, so the value can be also a link.
Label A struct representing a label for test results
SourceLocation Represents a line of code in a certain file.
Story Attribute that sets the story label
SuiteResult A suite result
TestCase A test case that will be executed


TestCaseDelegate void delegate() Alias to a Test Case function type