Module trial.coverage

A module containing the logic for parsing and analysing the code coverage


codeLines(lines) Cont how many lines were hit
convertLstFiles(source, destination, packagePath, packageName) Converts coverage lst files to html
coverageHeader(coveredFile) Generate the coverage page header
coveragePercent(coveredFiles) Calculate the coverage percent from the current project
coverageShield(percent) Create line coverage shield as svg
getCoveragePercent(fileContent) Get the percentage from the covered summary
getCoverageSummary(fileContent) Get the line that contains the coverage summary
getFileName(fileContent) Get the filename from the coverage summary
hitLines(lines) Cont how many lines were hit
htmlProgress(percent) Create an html progress bar
isIgnored(content) Check if a file should be ignored from the report
isPackagePath(fullPath, packagePath) Check if a file is in the current path
replaceVariable(page, key, value) Replace an {variable} inside a string
toCoverageFile(content, packagePath) Converts a .lst file content to a CoveredFile structure
toCoverageLines(fileContent) Parse the file lines
toHtml(coveredFile) Convert a CoveredFile struct to html
toHtmlCoverage(lines) Get the line coverage column for the html report
toLineCoverage(line, index) Generate the html for a line coverage
wrapToHtml(content, title) wraps some string in a html page


CoveredFile Structure that represents one .lst file
LineCoverage The representation of a line from the .lst file